Ductile Iron Piles

Ductile Iron Piles are a driven pile system utilizing sections of high strength ductile cast iron pipe. Individual sections are joined utilizing a spigot and socket joint system.

Pipe sections are driven into the ground in quick succession using an excavator mounted hydraulic hammer. The driving force of the hammer is calibrated to the desired design load. Driving continues until refusal or no further penetration is afforded by the hammer indicating desired capacity.   Piles are typically designed as end bearing elements.  If uplift capacity is desired the piles can be designed   as friction elements which are fitted with an oversized shoe which creates a void between the soil and the side of the pile during driving. During driving, grout is injected filling the void and creating a bond between the pipe and the soil.  A full-length high strength steel rebar is grouted inside the pile connecting the sections together .  The bonded system resists axial loads.


  • To support foundation loads (compressive and tension) in instances where piles are needed but traditional piling cannot be installed.
  • Restricted access
  • Variable bearing strata depth and strength I.e.: Karst conditions, loose soil, etc.

Construction Advantages

  • Quick installation
  • Limited site impact
  • No spoils

What to expect

  • Pile design by Earth Tech.
  • Pile load test to confirm design capacity.
  • Pile tie-in concrete cap.
  • Some driving noise/vibrations, but less than impact of a diesel hammers.