Compaction Grouting

Compaction Grouting (CG) is the injection of low mobility grout at depth. Most sinkhole stabilization applications include the injection of CG to fill voids and stabilize soil erosion paths found in Karst geologic conditions throughout Florida and the Southeast. Compaction Grouting is injected through steel grout pipes spaced evenly around the damaged structure. Grout pipes are drilled to the Limestone Bedrock. Grout injection begins at the surface of the Limestone and continues upward in intervals of two to five feet. At each interval, the grout is typically injected until a buildup of pumping pressure or predetermined quantity is achieved. The injection zone and injection criteria vary per project. In some instances, Compaction Grouting can be used to re-level structures.


  • Homes, Structures, highways, etc.  damaged by sinkholes and other soil related problems

Construction Advantages

  • Equipment and crews can be mobilized quickly
  • Equipment is sized to meet the complexity of the problem including access, soil conditions, etc.
  • Stabilization of a site includes improved performance for all site structures including utilities, streets, and walkways
  • Expedient process
  • Very little site disturbance

What to expect

  • Grouting program is typically monitored and controlled by the Geotechnical Engineer of Record
  • Minor amounts of drilling spoils and wasted grout may accumulate on the surface and must be disposed of
  • In the Tampa Bay Area Earth Tech will provide its own grout material which can accelerate the project schedule