Tampa, FL


Parkway Construction




Ductile Iron Piles


The project consisted of a new Carvana 8-level “Car Vending Machine” in Tampa.

The Problem

The geotechnical investigation found loose clayey sand in the upper twenty feet of the soil profile. The proposed structural loading would lead to excessive settlement and structural damage if constructed on a shallow foundation system. A deep pile foundation solution was recommended.

Earth Tech Solution

Ductile Iron Piles (DIP’s) were selected as the foundation of choice due to their ability to be quickly and easily spliced. The cut-off section from one pile was used as the starter for the next pile, resulting in little to no waste.  A total of thirty-two piles were installed to refusal in the limestone formation at varying depths up to thirty-five feet.  The piles required compression and tension capacity, so every pile was internally and externally grouted, and fitted with a full-length high-strength reinforcing bar with a top plate. Pile capacities were verified using a static load test.