Earthquake Drains

Earthquake Drains are corrugated pipe wrapped in tightly fitting filter fabric.  Earth Quake Drains are installed vertically to provide pore pressure drainage during a seismic event reducing the risk of liquefaction damage to structures. Each Earth Quake Drain is assembled on site and installed by vibrating a hollow mandrel containing the drain to treatment depth.  The mandrel is withdrawn and the Earth Quake Drain remains in place.


  • Earthquake Drains are used for seismic mitigation on any site that has liquefiable soils
  • Low to mid rise new construction buildings
  • Area loads such as tanks and embankments

Construction Advantages

  • Allows for the use of shallow foundations
  • Very economical in comparison to other liquefaction mitigation programs
  • Expedient process and minimal site disturbance

What to Expect

  • Earth Tech will provide a signed and sealed design indicating the treatment plan
  • Earth Quake Drains are typically spaced on a 4 to 6-foot grid beneath the entire building
  • Site clearing and access preparation precede Earth Quake Drain installation
  • Final site grading, spoils clean up and foundation construction follow Earth Quake Drain installation
  • Tops of Earth Quake Drains shall be confined in a permeable layer of soil or rock