Mass Soil Mixing

Mass Soil Mixing is a mechanical blending technique that mixes fluid cementitious grout to solidify soil in place. Earth Tech utilizes a hydraulic, rotating horizontal auger attached to an excavator arm to perform the mechanical mixing. Production mixing progresses in known volumetric sections and cementitious grout dosage to ensure quality control. Design strengths of the solidified soils range from 20 to 200 psi.


  • Mass Soil Mixing is limited to a treatment depth of 12 feet.
  • Mass Soil Mixing is typically used beneath area loads created by tanks, embankments, Storage warehouses, etc. The entire footprint of the structure is normally mixed.
  • Mass Soil Mixing is used on very weak soils that cannot be strengthen by other methods.
  • Mass Soil Mixing can be used in conjunction with deeper ground improvement techniques like Rigid Inclusions. The Mass Soil Mixing can be constructed to form a load transfer platform. The load transfer platform would act like a pile cap to transfer the structural load to ground improvement elements constructed below the load transfer platform.

Construction Advantages

  • Eliminate the need to excavate and replace poor, undesirable material, that may have a high disposal cost
  • Alternate to deep foundations
  • Produces very little spoil waste
  • Produces a very firm working pad for future construction activities
  • Treated areas can be accessed within a few days

What to Expect

  • Initial access will be required on very poor sites
  •  Site binder storage and batching area will be required
  • Large quantities of binder are delivered daily.
  •  The freshly mixed surface must be leveled with a backhoe during initial set.
  • Some mixed areas require a couple feet of clean soil added on top of the freshly mixed soil to compress and consolidate the surface.

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