Flagstone Pavers

Brooksville, FL


The Quikrete Companies, Inc.




Ductile Iron Piles


The project consisted of a new steel frame manufacturing facility for Flagstone Pavers in Brooksville.

The Problem

The geotechnical investigation found very loose clayey sand under the building footprint. Excessive settlement was a performance  issue in the heavier loaded areas of the building where sensitive equipment was proposed to be installed.

Earth Tech Solution

Earth Tech proposed a cost-effective deep pile foundation system to support the heavier loaded areas of the building. The system consisted of internally and externally grouted Ductile Iron Piles (DIP’s) for support. DIP’s were installed to depths of up to thirty-five feet and seated into hard limestone formation. The excess pile was cut to the top of pile elevation and the remainder of the pile was then used as a starter section for the next pile, minimizing waste. A single #6 reinforcing bar with a hook was installed and grouted inside the DIP. Pile capacities were verified using high-strain dynamic load testing.  Due to the variation in the limestone depth across the site, a total of three load tests were performed.