Hyatt House

Naples, Florida






Mass Soil Mixing


A new three-story Hyatt House Hotel with an attached three-story parking garage in Naples.

The Problem

The geotechnical investigation found highly compressible organic soils in the upper twelve feet of the soil profile that created a challenge with foundation support for the proposed structures. The site was surrounded by a seawall on three sides and the proposed structures were to be constructed in close proximity to the property line.  Therefore, excavating the organics and replacing with clean fill was not an option. The geotechnical engineer recommended a deep pile foundation system with structural slabs but cost estimates for this recommendation proved to be cost prohibitive.

Earth Tech Solution

Earth Tech submitted a value engineering design-build proposal in lieu of the proposed deep pile foundation system. Earth Tech’s ground improvement solution consisted of Mass Soils Mixing (MSM) to provide foundation support for the proposed structures and slabs. Earth Tech designed and installed MSM beneath the footprint of the structures and beyond to depths up to eighteen feet below grade.  MSM was designed to allow shallow foundation construction using a soil bearing pressure of 6,000 psf and limit total and differential settlements to 1 inch and ½”, respectively.  Additionally, MSM allowed for the use of slab-on-grade construction in lieu of structural slabs.