Paseo de La Riviera 

Coral Gables, FL


Balfour Beatty


Mixed Use


Vibro Replacement / Tie Down Anchors


The project consisted of a mixed-use development in Coral Gables to include a 245-room hotel, upscale restaurants and over 200 luxury apartments.

The Problem

The geotechnical investigation found an upper limestone formation underlain by loose sandy soils. The proposed structural loading would cause excessive settlement in the sandy soils. In addition, large structural uplift loading was causing certain foundations to become too large to resist the load with deadweight alone.

Earth Tech Solution

Earth Tech implemented a two-part solution. Vibro Replacement was installed to reinforce and densify the loose sandy soils beneath the limestone layer and tie down anchors were installed as tension elements to provide foundations with the required uplift resistance. Earth Tech pre-drilled the upper limestone formation to install the Vibro Replacement stone columns to proper depth. A design soil bearing capacity of 8,000 psf was used.