Savannah, Georgia


Samet Corporation


Mixed Use


Low Mobility Grout Rigid Inclusions


The project consisted of a five-story mixed use development in Savannah.

The Problem

The geotechnical investigation found the upper soil consisted of dense sand overlying a loose/soft sandy clay layer between twenty to forty feet deep. The geotechnical engineer recommended a deep Auger Cast Pile foundation system to bypass the problematic sandy clay layer that would create short and long-term settlement for the structure.

Earth Tech Solution

Earth Tech proposed a value engineered ground improvement solution using Low Mobility Grout Rigid Inclusions (LMGRI’s) in lieu of Auger Cast Piles. The LMGRI’s were installed up to forty feet to transfer the load from the shallow foundations through the problematic layer and into a deeper bearing layer. Earth Tech’s solution minimized disturbance of the competent near-surface soils that functioned as the load transfer platform for the LMGRI’s and provided a soil bearing capacity of 5,000 PSF. A full-scale load test was performed to verify the performance of the LMGRI’s. The ground improvement solution saved time and foundation cost.