Link Apartments

Atlanta, Georgia




Multifamily Residential


Aggregate Piers


The project consisted of a four-story apartment building and a five-level parking deck in Atlanta.

The Problem

The geotechnical investigation found variable soft clayey soils within the upper twenty feet of the soil profile. The proposed loading, when applied to the soft clayey soil, would lead to excessive settlement. A deep piling foundation system was recommended but was cost prohibitive for the project.

Earth Tech Solution

Earth Tech proposed a cost-effective ground improvement program utilizing Aggregate Piers and shallow foundations. The Aggregate Piers were installed using the top-feed installation method to depths up to twenty feet to reinforce the soft clayey soils and control settlement such that a design bearing capacity of 6,000 psf could be utilized. Predrilling was used to remove a portion of the soft clay and allow for the installation of the aggregate piers. Without the more cost effective-foundation solution, the project may not have proceeded.