City of Cape Canaveral 2.5 MG Water Storage Tank

Cape Canaveral, FL


Florida Design Contractors, Inc


Public Works and Utilities


Low Mobility Grout Rigid Inclusions


The project consisted of a two and a half million-gallon water tank for the City of Cape Canaveral.

The Problem

The geotechnical investigation revealed a dense upper sand layer overlying loose/soft soils from twenty to seventy feet deep. Under the proposed loading, the tank would experience excessive total and differential settlement.  The geotechnical engineer recommended the tank be supported on Auger Cast Piles.

Earth Tech Solution

Earth Tech submitted a value engineering design-build proposal in lieu of the proposed Auger Cast Piles. Earth Tech’s ground improvement solution consisted of Low Mobility Grouted Rigid Inclusions (LMGRI’s) to provide foundation support for the proposed water storage tank. Earth Tech designed and installed LMGRI’s that transferred the tank loads through the problematic soils to an underlying bearing stratum. LMGRI’s were installed on a uniform grid pattern across the footprint of the tank to depths up to seventy-two feet. The dense sand layer overlying the problematic soils was utilized as a load transfer platform to transfer the tank load to the LMGRI’s.