Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Frankel Development Company, Inc.


Multifamily Residential


Vibro Compaction


The project consisted of two five-story luxury condominiums located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

The Problem

The geotechnical investigation found loose sandy soils beneath the footprint of the proposed condominiums. The proposed structural loading of the condominium buildings would result in excessive settlement in the loose sandy soils. The geotechnical engineer recommended Vibro Compaction to densify the sand and allow for shallow foundation construction.

Earth Tech Solution

Earth Tech performed Vibro Compaction to densify the loose sand to an average depth of twenty-two feet. Earth Tech installed around 1,700 Vibro Compaction points and used imported sand backfill to maintain the elevation of the site during the process. A bearing capacity of 6,000 psf was achieved because of the Vibro Compaction.